About Us

You want to settle in and relax, or your kids play? then there's bags for the ischiatic SENYA. These seat bags SENYA it in my free time for fun and for pleasure you zákázníků. Made from high quality textile materials of the original design. I always meet the customer ’ s wishes. The bags can be whatever paint colour on textiles (animals, plants, fabulous motives, etc.) Vnitří basic bag is made from a seam with a zipper for easy refilling foot Styrofoam náplňě (my recommendation - watch for other producers, some of the zip!). Frequent use of polyst compression bag. the bag, and therefore must be added in about 1 / 2 to 1 year, then no need to so often. It's a natural phenomenon and should be for all products of this structure. The price can be bought here senya@seznam.cz