Privacy Policy

Privacy statement,

Senya does not collect any personal data that could identify a specific person, unless Senya itself provides these data voluntarily to Senya. Such data may be obtained if a person voluntarily registers for the use of Senya eshop services, participates in surveys, participates in polls, etc. Any personal information identifying a particular person will not be passed on or sold to a third party except when the user will be notified at the time of data collection.

Senya reserves the right to conduct analysis of user behavior on its website. These analyzes include, for example, traffic counting, the number of users of the ad banner you see, and the number of clicks per banner, which is also available to individual advertisers - always as a statistic report, not by name. Users should also note that data that they voluntarily provide to forums or other automatically generated sites may be used by a third party. However, such use of personal information can not be controlled and Senya can not be held responsible for this and will not be held liable.

Users should be aware that some user information can be automatically collected during standard web site operations (such as the user's IP address) and when using cookies (small text files that are stored on the user's computer and the server they can recognize the user who has visited him before, and then record his behavior and adapt, for example, design and content, or better target advertising campaigns). Cookies are not programs that could cause damage to the user's computer. Most browsers offer the option of not accepting cookies - but the ecommerce store will not run properly without cookies enabled.

At the user's request, Senya will take all steps to remove any user's personal data.

Valid from 1.8.2011